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Downtown Allstate – Corporate Campus

Northbrook, Ilinois


Angela Kehoe


Renovation 48,772-sf retail arcade, marketplace and dining villages



Allstate initiated a multi-faced project that has the ultimate goal of revitalizing the retail, dining room and infrastructure at the C2 Cafe. The project focused on three major program components; a newly revitalized arcade; an architecturally transformed multi-restaurant style market place in the existing cafe; and a collection of dining villages that create diverse social environments to eat, work, collaborate and relax.  The retail component of the project included the physical expansion of the “Main Street” concept that created a public plaza and shopping arcade.  The arcade was anchored by a series of shops and services spaces including a convenience market, cafe, agent office, mobile kiosk/carts and an information desk.  The Marketplace design provided the campus with a fully developed retail environment that created an exciting and engaging atmosphere for diners.  Exciting concepts including Evolution/360 Mongolian Wok, Grill/Diner, Salad Toss/Bar, Sandellas/Deli, Bakery/Pizza and Simply to Go.  The dining experience consisted of a series of unique environments with diverse aesthetic personalities to create a rich fabric of interlocking spaces for employees to dine, collaborate, recharge and relax.

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