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Endicott College Dining Commons Endicott College

Beverly, Massachusetts


Rick Friedman


Renovation and addition of Callahan Student Center into 64,000 sf complex



The new Callahan Student Center introduced a completely transformed and revitalized Student Center on Endicott’s campus. The project included both the gut renovation of the current building and a series of targeted additions around the perimeter of the existing structure. The goal was to maintain and preserve the Callahan Center’s vital position of the student hub on campus. The project included three components; a student center, resident dining commons and a more prominently positioned retail bookstore and café.

The Centers renovated dining commons included an exciting new scattered dining station plan – moving away from traditional stainless steel food counters. These individual dining concepts placed throughout the floor plan created a market style sense of discovery for diners entering the space. The idea was to create a more interactive series of restaurant like choices -highlighting the choice and variety available to student’s taste buds.

Seating environments featured personal choice for students by providing variety in seating style and room settings. Gone is the day of the monolithic, anonymous cafeteria aesthetic. This becomes destination dining, with new opportunities for social gathering, entertainment, and study.

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