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Fire + Ice Restaurant

Various Locations
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Round Grill, Inc. - Cambridge, Massachusetts

Designed by

Mark Connor while at Prellwitz Chilinski Associates


Anton Grassl


2001 Hot Concepts Award,
Nation’s Restaurant News

International Store Design Competition, 1998,
VM+SD Magazine’s International

"Connor is a huge component of our success. There is a unique quality to their work that's very special".

- John Schall Founder, Fire and Ice and Dish Restaurants


Create unique new 8,000-sf restaurants with “Improvisational Grill” theme



Create a unique identity through design the concepts of hot and cold – “Fire + Ice” which is reflected in the grill and bar. Using ordinary materials in extraordinary and visually striking ways this market style approach to gather ingredients with a with a variety of seating areas ranging from open to intimate created a memorable dining experience. The restaurants have been a huge success with three locations in New England.

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