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Mark M. Chamberlain Student Center Rowan University

Glassboro, New Jersey


Connor Architecture


“How to Warm Up a Vast Space” (PDF)
Food Management Magazine, March 2006

“Quite a “Hanger”! (PDF)
Great Spaces - Food Management Magazine, June 2005


Interior Renovation of 18,000-sf campus building including new lobby, dining hall, commercial kitchen



Rowan’s spectacular reinvention of its campus dining hall produced not only an eye-catching and distinctive venue, but took full advantage of the natural attributes of the space it needed to occupy without being defeated by them. It’s not as easy as it sounds. The spaced offered such natural advantages – and daunting challenges – the designer as 30-foot ceilings and two walls of floor-to-ceiling glass. But through an explosion of form, color and light, the vast spaces were tamed while exploiting their magnificence to full advantage. With six cooking platforms, each inhabiting a distinct environment governed by the architecture, proffer a vast array of freshly cooked (in front of the customer – the-back-of-the house is miniscule) food options emphasizing fresh, healthful ingredients.

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