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Rivier Master Plan Rivier University

Nashua, New Hampshire

Renovated Dining center and campus Master Plan


The extensive renovation of the existing dining facility at Rivier University into a new “Marketplace” concept required a change to the typical approach to food services.  The Challenge was to transform the dining experience from cafeteria line based system into a interactive, engaging eating environment.  The basic direction of the “Marketplace” design was to feature freshness by eliminating the mystery of the cooking process and bringing the fresh food and its preparation out into full view.  A fresh cook to order aesthetic now encompasses a variety of free standing market stations including Entree pizza, pasta, grill, bakery, salad, deli, action station and others.


Thinking beyond the limited confines of the existing servery, a new restaurant concept co-inhabit the space shared with diners and creates new dining room layouts with finishes and lighting that enliven the character of each of the spaces.   New elements included pounded copper, glass ties, tinted windows, no-finish sustainable tile, carpeted flooring and new textures added to the contemporary appeal.  The new dining environment creates a modern restaurant feeling with weathered, handmade accents influenced by old mill buildings, waterwheels and barns.  The new seating arrangement makes the room more open with increased seating capacity and round tables and booths.

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